Christmas 2010

This year we spent Christmas in Idaho with our family. We always have so much fun visiting there and the kids loved being able to spend Christmas with their grandparents. Here are a few highlights from our trip...
The boys LOVE to play in the big bathtub with bubbles. They act like it's a swimming pool. This is D.J., Luke, and their cousin Isaac making a mess in the bathroom.

The kids also had a blast 'sledding' in the backyard. Trevor drove his Dad's riding lawnmower around the yard and pulled the kids on the sled. That's my kind of sledding, no hills to walk up. LOL

Trevor & Luke

D.J., Libby, and Trevor

Libby & Luke

D.J. & Libby

Trevor's mom is a really good cook and around Christmas it seems like she is cooking 24 hours a day. :) The kids had a great time making lots of yummy treats with her for all of us to enjoy.

Grandma, Libby, & Isaac making brownies.

Grandma, Grandpa, Luke, & D.J. making cinnamon rolls.

Libby joined in the fun too.

Luke, Isaac, Tim, & Grandma making sugar cookies.

On Christmas Eve some of Trevor's siblings came over with their families and we had a little party. We played games, ate LOTS of food, and read the Christmas story from the Bible. Then the kids got to open their presents from Grandma & Grandpa. They loved their new pajama pants that Grandma made and they each got a new C.D..

The kids opening their gifts from Grandma & Grandpa.

One of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions is giving the kids new pajamas. Aren't they the cutest kids ever!

D.J., Liberty, & Luke

Christmas 2010

Christmas Morning...

The boys were so excited to show Libby her gifts. They ran to her pile first and showed her all her gifts.


Luke was VERY excited that Santa brought him a motorized scooter.

More presents!

D.J. loved his scooter as well.

Libby had been begging for a play kitchen for months so she was one happy girl when Santa finally brought her one.

I will say that her favorite gift of the year was the makeup she got in her stocking. Her Dad on the other hand was not so happy. LOL

She went straight to the bathroom and made herself 'pretty'. Doesn't she look great. LOL We did have to make a rule that she can't use the black anymore since we couldn't get it to wash off all the way for two days. :)

Our family

Christmas 2010

Later that morning Trevor and I gave the kids a present from us. We told them we were going to Disneyland & Seaworld in 2 weeks and they were so excited. So watch out for a LONG post on our trip to California...it was a BLAST!

We hope you all had a great Christmas as well!


December Fun

December is always a busy month and it was no different this year. Here's a glimpse into our crazy month...

Ivins Family Christmas Party

My Mom was in charge of the nativity story at the Christmas party this year. Of course she went all out and made it quit the production. She made the cutest nativity scene with animals, the inn's, and the manger. It was darling.

The beautiful angel choir

D.J. was Joseph this year and wasn't too happy about it. LOL I think he liked the attention, he just didn't like that he had to 'pretend' he was married. Girls are gross remember. :)

Luke was a handsome little shepard.

After eating and the nativity we had a special visitor...Santa Claus!

D.J. 9 years old

Luke 6 years old

Liberty 3 years old

Happy Birthday Trevor!

During the first week of December we celebrated Trevor's 33rd birthday. The kids decorated the kitchen for him and we made his favorite, spice cake with brown sugar frosting.

Making a Gingerbread House

Each year in December we have a family home evening where we make a gingerbread house. The kids really got into it this year. Each of them picked a side and made it their own. I think it turned out great.

The finished project...perfect!

This is just a few of the fun things we enjoyed in December.

Of course Christmas was a blast...I'll be posting about that soon. :)

Libby's preschool Christmas program

In December Libby's preschool class performed a really cute Christmas program. One of Libby's favorite part of school is learning all the silly songs. Although she is quiet and shy around people she doesn't know very well she never hesitates to perform in front of anyone. LOL

Libby and her class coming into the auditorium.

Trevor wasn't able to make it but her Grandpa Ivins came to watch her and that made her very happy.

I can't believe that Libby is almost done with her first year of preschool. She is growing up way too fast!

Libby's Dance Recital

In an attempt to get our blog updated I'm not going to worry about putting everything in order. I have LOTS of updating to do so I think I'll just start with Libby's dance recital she had last December (I think). She loves her dance class and is learning so much this year. In May she is having her last recital before summer break and I'll post videos of her doing her ladybug dance. It's so cute!


Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

In November my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. To celebrate the adults in my family had a delicious 7 course meal made by a family friend of ours that is a WONDERFUL chef. It was unbelievable! We held it at my Grandma Ivins' home and it was decorated beautifully. We had such a fun night together.

Harmony & Todd (Todd isn't capable of taking a normal picture, LOL)
Trevor & I
Nick & Annette
Jeff & Mandy
Tony & Jayanne

I hope you had a great night Mom & Dad. Thank you for being such wonderful parents. We love you so much!