Christmas 2010

This year we spent Christmas in Idaho with our family. We always have so much fun visiting there and the kids loved being able to spend Christmas with their grandparents. Here are a few highlights from our trip...
The boys LOVE to play in the big bathtub with bubbles. They act like it's a swimming pool. This is D.J., Luke, and their cousin Isaac making a mess in the bathroom.

The kids also had a blast 'sledding' in the backyard. Trevor drove his Dad's riding lawnmower around the yard and pulled the kids on the sled. That's my kind of sledding, no hills to walk up. LOL

Trevor & Luke

D.J., Libby, and Trevor

Libby & Luke

D.J. & Libby

Trevor's mom is a really good cook and around Christmas it seems like she is cooking 24 hours a day. :) The kids had a great time making lots of yummy treats with her for all of us to enjoy.

Grandma, Libby, & Isaac making brownies.

Grandma, Grandpa, Luke, & D.J. making cinnamon rolls.

Libby joined in the fun too.

Luke, Isaac, Tim, & Grandma making sugar cookies.

On Christmas Eve some of Trevor's siblings came over with their families and we had a little party. We played games, ate LOTS of food, and read the Christmas story from the Bible. Then the kids got to open their presents from Grandma & Grandpa. They loved their new pajama pants that Grandma made and they each got a new C.D..

The kids opening their gifts from Grandma & Grandpa.

One of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions is giving the kids new pajamas. Aren't they the cutest kids ever!

D.J., Liberty, & Luke

Christmas 2010

Christmas Morning...

The boys were so excited to show Libby her gifts. They ran to her pile first and showed her all her gifts.


Luke was VERY excited that Santa brought him a motorized scooter.

More presents!

D.J. loved his scooter as well.

Libby had been begging for a play kitchen for months so she was one happy girl when Santa finally brought her one.

I will say that her favorite gift of the year was the makeup she got in her stocking. Her Dad on the other hand was not so happy. LOL

She went straight to the bathroom and made herself 'pretty'. Doesn't she look great. LOL We did have to make a rule that she can't use the black anymore since we couldn't get it to wash off all the way for two days. :)

Our family

Christmas 2010

Later that morning Trevor and I gave the kids a present from us. We told them we were going to Disneyland & Seaworld in 2 weeks and they were so excited. So watch out for a LONG post on our trip to California...it was a BLAST!

We hope you all had a great Christmas as well!

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