Happy Birthday Ryann!

Saturday was my niece Ryann's 1st birthday so what did we do?

We partied like ROCK STARS!

Annette and Nick threw an awesome Rock and Roll party for Ryann. We all dressed up in our best 80's attire, did our hair, makeup, and made signs for our bands. Then we all headed to the stage for some SINGING!

The boys named themselves 'The Killer Rock Stars'. They were awesome!

Of course the girls were called, 'High School Musical Girls Band'. Aren't they the cutest?!

The kids did a little body surfing!

It was one wild party as you can see. We all sang karaoke, ate pizza, enjoyed cake, and laughed all day long. Thanks Nick and Annette for an awesome party!

Happy Birthday Ryann, we are so glad your a part of our CRAZY family!

Didn't Annette do an amazing job on the cake?!

Here is a little video from 'The Concert'...


Megan said...

What a cute idea. Your fam always does cute things together!!

Preston and Keri Robertson Fam said...

What a FUN family!! That is such a cute idea! My poor baby got jipped on her Birthday! Lucky for me she won't remember! ( I HOPE!) ;)

Becca and Adam said...

What a fun idea! You guys are awesome I love that you do these fun things. I love your mom's hair.

Jeff and Kathy said...

I am trying to think of a way to help your readers better understand what this birthday activity was REALLY like. I'll try...

1) the sheetrock repair costs came in under our insurance deductable,
2) we are in the final stages of negotiations with Social Services to keep the grand children(although we did talk them into taking Nick),
3) Aspen, Autumn and Alexa have since signed contracts to sing in High School Musical XVII; D. J., Michael and Weston now sing backup to Guns and Roses, Everett and Luke hang out at their concerts and use Libby, Oakley and Ryann as Chick-Magnets.
4) Tyler and Gavin have inherited all assets (but mostly debts) of all the adults who have been deemed incompatant because of brain damage caused by breathing excessive amounts of Fake Concert Smoke.

But, all in all we had a Groooovy time!

The Ullery Family said...

Wow! Love the hair! Love the music! Love the memories your family makes.

holly said...

so great!! I'm gonna have link to this when MyPartyBug is ready. I want someone to throw me one!